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1` [Scream] ~ buffaLo.
2Alpha^ | gallstoN
5Alpha^ | 3aekk!
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Server update #2
i have built a server like old one on new engines and new plugins versions.
It should be like old server but with a lot better lag.

Please report any bugs found.
Server Updated!

Hello, as you already saw i have updated a server to mod similar to old gunxp, but this is n ot gunxp.
Server is build on newest server engine builds and are much better performing, which meens less lag.

Currently it is in testing mode.
Please report any bugs found.
New Updates!
Hello everyone,

Just wanted to tell you all that we are updating the server and our dear JungleBoy will need your suggestions about what you wish to see in our servers.
So comment down below what you think will suit etc and if you want our old server GUNEXP back.

Also, we recently deleted all the bans and ranks were reseted.

Thank You and Have Fun.
Cross payment
NaujienosHi everyone,

how are you doing?

It has been long time since i wrote here. And today iam writing to let you know about new cross payment method.

As you know it was added before by some selfish persons who tried to steel money.

Now it is official, and your privileges will be activated instanlty after payment.

PS. We are experiencing DDoS attacks from those bad persons as a revange, so server is frequently going down for 10 minutes. Please be patient.

Happy New Year!!
Hello [FGS.LT] Members,
As the calender year has changed its time to change the server as well, so here is it started with the New Year. Its the time to get to the top once again as server has been restarted. Get to the top and start the battle, hunt the zombies and survive the rounds.

Top 5 Players
Top 37

As a gift of this Wonderful start of the year we have expanded our gifts to not Top3 but Top5 this time
Top5 will get Free VIP (1 month) by contacting our head admins on skype or PM.

New Year, New Chances, On this New start of the year 2K16 we have cleared all the Ban List.
Hope you will not repeat the mistakes and will play under the rules and laws of the server.

Changes are on the way to both servers.

Good Luck Hunting The Zombies!!!
Merry Christmas

Hello everybody!

We from FGS.LT want to wish you all players, admins, superadmins and headadmins a merry Christmas. As a gift we have added zombie hats and multijumps for all! as well as Happy Hour timings are changed from 20:00 till 24:00 LT time till New Year!

Be ready the santa has still many gifts on his way coming to the server till New Year
Happy Hunting!!!
FGS Team
New Superadmins
Hello All [FGS.LT] Members,
The time is over and we have selected 3 Members for super admin privilege with the great hopes for taking care of the server.

New Super Admins:

` [Scream] ~ buffaLo.
HunTer | ~ HI-TEC
Alpha^ | IceMaN

Thank You and Have Fun in Our Servers. (:
New | GunXP | Host Changed
GunxpHello All!
As you all know GunXP was having alot of problems due to hosting.
But now it has been solved.
We have changed our hosting of GunXP with better hosting.

The new ip of GunXP is: or

Kindly update your favorite list in cs.
[FGS.LT] Team
GunXP reset!!
GunxpHello all,
Today the final reset has taken its place in gunxp server.
top 3 (by xp) will get admin (1 month)

We [FGS.LT] Team wish you a happy summer ahead!!
Have fun in our servers..
ZP Restart
Hello [FGS.LT] Members,
Vacations are on so here is the time to get to the top once again as server has been restarted. Get to the top and start the battle, hunt the zombies and survive the rounds.

Top 5 Players
Top 37

As always top3 will get VIP (1 month) by contacting via pm or skype.

There is another restart of GunXP which will take place when the countdown finishes on top-left of your screen

Good Luck Hunting The Zombies!!!
-- NEW MAPS --
~Zombie Plague~ 24/7
Hello [FGS.LT] Members,
As Summer Vacations are near, we have managed to provide you all to enjoy some new maps instead of playing all old same maps again and again.

New maps added to ~Zombie Plague~ 24/7 are:
zm_franqeeto_final, zm_2day, zm_dust_banzuke, zm_2010, zm_dustx2, zm_fun, zm_pis2, zm_gold_dust_vipee, zm_klimax_v2, zm_zhell, zm_cross, zm_ice_attack_vip, zm_evil-night, zm_dust_world, zm_cobra, zm_foda

We have removed some maps and will like to have your suggestion about our servers
Kindly share your suggestions in comments.

The [FGS.LT] Team
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21/03/2017 03:43
Hi F.ucking Boots smiley

20/03/2017 08:40
*** i have addon -_- for s.admin in my server or give me 10.00USD

death_shadow gay
20/03/2017 04:31
need say u have addons? can you upload it in mediafire and send me in pm and suck my dick

20/03/2017 01:59
i have this server i play with bot that why i dont play this server anymore smiley

20/03/2017 01:59
yo sniper i will give u this server :/ for s.admin in server

death_shadow gay
19/03/2017 15:11
yup i will buy and you will see

19/03/2017 08:01
Sniper really?

death_shadow gay
19/03/2017 04:27
guys please someone help me i'm really i will buy srv and server be like the old but i will add more command like amx_who for saw who's admin and i will add grades

death_shadow gay
19/03/2017 04:22
Hello guys someone here give me iceman's skype or fb because i will pay this server and make it better and i hop you guys enjoy here admin will be free and u will see guys ,thanks you and fuuck yo

death_shadow gay
19/03/2017 04:20
what the hell

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